Saturday, April 13, 2013


and there i was, in the private pool outside of our suite in OIA on the island of Santorini..... it was so tranquil, so beautiful. floating in the cliff edge pool you see everything that nature perfected here - the crescent shape of the ridges on the island that were once the top of a volcano. the sea meets the edge all throughout the islands of Greece, but this one......... this one is a beauty.

the white stucco buildings line the top of the island giving the illusion of snow on a mountain top.........the homes and resorts tuck into the side of the hills creating cave like sanctuaries with breathtaking views of the sea.

if there is one place i never wanted to leave it was here in the sweet tranquil cliffs of OIA.

these 'toe' images help me remember the moments that i floated in the tranquility and listened to the whisper of the waves.

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