Friday, July 27, 2012

Beauty at the Beach

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We all want to look our best while we are at the beach. Walking out in your bathing suit can be a vulnerable time for many people. So when the waves call you to the shore or the edge of the dock, you don't have to jump into the water to escape the roving eyes.

Not everyone can look this great in a retro one piece swim suit. Esther Williams always looked fit and lean, partly because swimming was her workout.
Hmmm, something for everyone to consider.

Your bathing suit style is dictated by many things....... age, figure, confidence, sense of spirit. I've worn one piece swimsuits, string bikini's, tankini's, and currently now wear modest two piece bathing suits.

I wear my swimsuits at the pool or beach, i don't walk around in them without a cover up. I'm comfortable in a two piece and know that as long as i keep fit i can wear one, which is a good reason to stay fit. But I've been thinking that a stylish one piece needs to make it back into my swimwear wardrobe. So the search is on.

There are so many images of Marilyn in bathing suits or less, and there is no doubt that her curves set the world on fire. I like this picture of her partly because of the style of the one piece swim suit and because she isn't really posing for the shot.

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 love the shoes and full hair & makeup

Swimsuits like the ones in the picture above had form and support. One of the things i don't like about one piece suits is that they are either too flimsy or are too rigid. It's been several years since i've shopped for a one piece suit so i'm hoping that the search will bring something stylish and comfortable.

Swim suit styles began to change and suddenly women were wearing little skirts, ruffles and belts on their suits.
I once had a neighbour who wore a swimsuit that had a little skirt attached. She didn't want her derriere to show so the skirt feature was to cover it up. It must have given her confidence because she would walk from one yard to the next chatting up the neighbours wearing her little skirt bathing suit.

One thing that i've learned over time when buying a swim suit, is to make sure it fits like a glove when it's new. Not tight, but also not with any give. The suit is going to give when it gets wet and my theory - when you sit your fanny in it in the blazing sun it gives more.  Having a saggy looking bottom isn't a good look on a bathing suit.

Think of your swimwear as if it is fine lingerie. Take care of it and wash the swim suit with a mild soap after you swim [on vacation the hotel shampoo is perfect for this].
I travel with 5 or 6 swimsuits for a beach vacation. I like the variety and usually change my suit twice a day [with a quick shower in between].

My quest for a stylish, comfortable and 'a little bit sassy' one piece swimsuit is on. But i'm not giving up on my two piece collection, so i need to keep swimming to stay in shape.

Let's face it, we are not heading down a runway in stiletto's and angel wings, so  looking great when the waves come splashing up is all about your level of confidence.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

inspiration from the sea

Water covers approximately 70% of the earth's surface, whether that is in a liquid form, a solid form [ice], or in an invisible form [water vapor in the air]. Water on earth goes through various cycles of evaporation, condensation an precipitation usually reaching the sea.

mykonos greece                                                                  source whisper of the waves

is it no wonder that we are so frequently drawn to find tranquility in the water. Travelers are drawn to sea-side resorts to honour the waves, breath in the ocean air and soak up the colourful atmosphere that the ocean encourages.

mykonos greece                                                    source whisper of the waves

for so many of us, when we decide to 'get away' it usually is near water. The lake. The ocean. On a cruise. It offers a tranquility like no other........... the sound of the waves.

and when we head towards the water we gather treasures that help to revive the spirit with just a glance ..... back to the shell, the sand, the driftwood. And sometimes in means simply creating your own seaside decor..............

seaside spa                                                    martha stewart

seaside bath                                              martha stewart

colours of the sea                                      seattle home mag

canadian house and home

beach grass cottage via etsy

let yourself be inspired and bring a little bit of the sea into your life.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

our chairs

A good friend who has a special gift for being able to see things that others cannot see [she's psychic], told me that she saw two chairs sitting at the end of the dock. One is for me. one is for mister. We would be sitting on those chairs holding hands together many years from now. I had just met mister and didn't see how that could possibly be true.

.......... i had an artist friend put this picture of 'our chairs' together in a setting that i described to him. I gave the framed picture to mister as a gift. We are looking forward to the years ahead sitting on the dock together.

I don't know how i realized that the picture of our chairs would be adirondack, maybe it is the memories from my grandparents yard so many years ago, maybe it's the perfect fit that this style of chair offers.



In 1903, Thomas Lee designed the first version of the adirondack chair while on vacation near the adirondack mountains [new york state]. Lee offered Harry Bunnell, a carpenter friend who was in need of work, the job of producing the chairs. Two years later, Bunnell filed for and received the patent for the now famous style of chairs. Bunnell went on to produce and profit from the adirondack chair designs for the next twenty years.


The muskoka chair received it's name from the muskoka lakes cottage region in ontario - north of toronto. When you boat along the lake and see a rainbow of colourful muskoka chairs on the docks brightening the waters edge.

Some of the chairs come joined at the hip with a slat table linking the two chairs. some have attached or removable foot stools. The slope and comfort of the seats makes the chairs comfortable, but the wider the arm the better the chair for resting your arms and your summer bevy.

pottery barn

relaxing in a sea of lavender...........


Friday, July 13, 2012

retro cottage

I grew up going to the cottage of my father's best friend. I loved jumping off the dock to swim, the bolder islands that offered the a breathtaking beauty from the combination of majestic tree's and massive rock formations.

via coastal living

It may not have been painted in pastels {although i recall mint green} - but the cottage kitchen was a mix'n-match combination like this one above.

via Cdn house & home

Maybe the retro style at the cottage is what makes it all so comfortable in our minds. It's like comfort food. Comfort design anyone ?

via coastal living

My mother didn't like the water, which was difficult when you stay on a island cottage. Our first visit to the cottage was at night in the pitch dark. We all piled into the boat and drove across the lake not knowing where we were going - which may have been better.
My mother would cook big breakfast's with eggs, mountains of toast, pan fried tomato and potato. I loved the two sided flip toaster and i always offered to help make the toast.

via a lady's findings

Sleeping with the windows open at the cottage provided the perfect air conditioning, and the opportunity to hear the sound of the water at all times.

On our very first morning at the lake my mother woke and came out to the cottage porch. She couldn't see my or my sister anywhere. we were in the water at the end of the dock swimming. My father and his best friend [our host] were sitting on the dock chatting, so our mother was fine with that  ......  until she was told that the depth of the water at the end of the dock was 30 feet.

I loved swimming at the lake, loved taking the little boat out on my own [although it required a full can of gas to hold the front end weight down].

kahshe lake

For me the ideal cottage has enough convenience so that you are comfortable, but utilizing the natural elements and bringing in restored furnishings. Indoor plumbing is a must. Comfortable beds. Wood burning fireplace [not propane]. A grill big enough to accommodate a huge crowd. A harvest table so that everyone can eat together.

And a quiet spot to enjoy all that nature has provided. isn't that why you go to the cottage.

                  ............... simplicity
                                       ................ tranquility

                                                       ....................... bliss