Friday, June 29, 2012

the sound of the surf draws me near

I've always been drawn to the shore and the sound of the surf. Maybe it's because i am a water sign. Maybe there is something from a past life that brings me to the waves as they froth in to the edge of land.

The sound of the waves play like an orchestra. Loud and booming when they roll in during a storm. Frothy and tender when they dance up to a beached edge at other times. plunky sounds as the waves meet the side of a boat or dock. 

it's all familiar to me. 
                           at the ocean.
                                    at the lake.
                                          at the beach.

the sound of the waves. 
                           they whisper like an angel singing out and calling me near. 

This blog is dedicated the waves and the happy spirit that they evoke.... the california beach house, the northern cottage, the coastal vacation, the sand, the rocks at the waters edge. We will discover together the things that the waves bring along.

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  1. I will enjoy starting from the beginning here. Very clever to show where to start. I adore the water and the sound of waves is pure magic to me.