Friday, July 13, 2012

retro cottage

I grew up going to the cottage of my father's best friend. I loved jumping off the dock to swim, the bolder islands that offered the a breathtaking beauty from the combination of majestic tree's and massive rock formations.

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It may not have been painted in pastels {although i recall mint green} - but the cottage kitchen was a mix'n-match combination like this one above.

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Maybe the retro style at the cottage is what makes it all so comfortable in our minds. It's like comfort food. Comfort design anyone ?

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My mother didn't like the water, which was difficult when you stay on a island cottage. Our first visit to the cottage was at night in the pitch dark. We all piled into the boat and drove across the lake not knowing where we were going - which may have been better.
My mother would cook big breakfast's with eggs, mountains of toast, pan fried tomato and potato. I loved the two sided flip toaster and i always offered to help make the toast.

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Sleeping with the windows open at the cottage provided the perfect air conditioning, and the opportunity to hear the sound of the water at all times.

On our very first morning at the lake my mother woke and came out to the cottage porch. She couldn't see my or my sister anywhere. we were in the water at the end of the dock swimming. My father and his best friend [our host] were sitting on the dock chatting, so our mother was fine with that  ......  until she was told that the depth of the water at the end of the dock was 30 feet.

I loved swimming at the lake, loved taking the little boat out on my own [although it required a full can of gas to hold the front end weight down].

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For me the ideal cottage has enough convenience so that you are comfortable, but utilizing the natural elements and bringing in restored furnishings. Indoor plumbing is a must. Comfortable beds. Wood burning fireplace [not propane]. A grill big enough to accommodate a huge crowd. A harvest table so that everyone can eat together.

And a quiet spot to enjoy all that nature has provided. isn't that why you go to the cottage.

                  ............... simplicity
                                       ................ tranquility

                                                       ....................... bliss

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