Saturday, July 14, 2012

our chairs

A good friend who has a special gift for being able to see things that others cannot see [she's psychic], told me that she saw two chairs sitting at the end of the dock. One is for me. one is for mister. We would be sitting on those chairs holding hands together many years from now. I had just met mister and didn't see how that could possibly be true.

.......... i had an artist friend put this picture of 'our chairs' together in a setting that i described to him. I gave the framed picture to mister as a gift. We are looking forward to the years ahead sitting on the dock together.

I don't know how i realized that the picture of our chairs would be adirondack, maybe it is the memories from my grandparents yard so many years ago, maybe it's the perfect fit that this style of chair offers.



In 1903, Thomas Lee designed the first version of the adirondack chair while on vacation near the adirondack mountains [new york state]. Lee offered Harry Bunnell, a carpenter friend who was in need of work, the job of producing the chairs. Two years later, Bunnell filed for and received the patent for the now famous style of chairs. Bunnell went on to produce and profit from the adirondack chair designs for the next twenty years.


The muskoka chair received it's name from the muskoka lakes cottage region in ontario - north of toronto. When you boat along the lake and see a rainbow of colourful muskoka chairs on the docks brightening the waters edge.

Some of the chairs come joined at the hip with a slat table linking the two chairs. some have attached or removable foot stools. The slope and comfort of the seats makes the chairs comfortable, but the wider the arm the better the chair for resting your arms and your summer bevy.

pottery barn

relaxing in a sea of lavender...........


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  1. What a pretty blog! I love adirondack chairs. And the one amounts the lavender looks like heaven to me.