Wednesday, July 18, 2012

inspiration from the sea

Water covers approximately 70% of the earth's surface, whether that is in a liquid form, a solid form [ice], or in an invisible form [water vapor in the air]. Water on earth goes through various cycles of evaporation, condensation an precipitation usually reaching the sea.

mykonos greece                                                                  source whisper of the waves

is it no wonder that we are so frequently drawn to find tranquility in the water. Travelers are drawn to sea-side resorts to honour the waves, breath in the ocean air and soak up the colourful atmosphere that the ocean encourages.

mykonos greece                                                    source whisper of the waves

for so many of us, when we decide to 'get away' it usually is near water. The lake. The ocean. On a cruise. It offers a tranquility like no other........... the sound of the waves.

and when we head towards the water we gather treasures that help to revive the spirit with just a glance ..... back to the shell, the sand, the driftwood. And sometimes in means simply creating your own seaside decor..............

seaside spa                                                    martha stewart

seaside bath                                              martha stewart

colours of the sea                                      seattle home mag

canadian house and home

beach grass cottage via etsy

let yourself be inspired and bring a little bit of the sea into your life.

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  1. I was recently at a spa where they had large saucers filled with sand, a votive in the center and shells dotted throughout. It was lovely. I'll remember to bring some beach home with me next time.